01. Water [conservation] is essential during the summer months.
02. We must [conserve] our forests if we want there to be logging jobs for our children and grandchildren.
03. We'll have to be [conservative] in our spending if we want to make our money last.
04. The people in this office dress quite [conservatively], so I don't think you should really wear those old jeans to work anymore.
05. The [conservation] of our fish stocks is critical to our economic future here in this state.
06. The new police chief has very [conservative] views, and is expected to be a real hard-liner.
07. We have to make sure we turn off the lights when we're not in the room in order to [conserve] electricity.
08. Political [conservatives] tend to argue that inequality is the result of human nature.
09. Mort Sahl once joked that a [conservative] is someone who believes in reform - but not now.
10. Martin Luther King Jr. once remarked that when you are right, you cannot be too radical, but when you are wrong, you cannot be too [conservative].
11. Dolphins jump out of the water to [conserve] energy; it is easier to move through the air than through the water.
12. Eighteen national parks have been established in Zambia to [conserve] different ecosystems and their wildlife.
13. Ariel Durant once suggested that the [conservative] who resists change is as valuable as the radical who proposes it.
14. In December of 1973, the British government introduced a three-day work week in order to [conserve] energy during a miners' strike.
15. Bhutan, China, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and other nations of Asia and the Pacific are making substantial commitments to [conserving] their natural resources.
16. If we can [conserve] the broadest variety of the world's habitats, we will conserve the life within these places.
17. Saudi Arabia has been described as a [conservative] country founded on Islamic religous and cultural values.
18. In the summer time, we all need to [conserve] water.
19. The church music of Giovanni Pierluigi de Palestrina captures the essence of the sober, [conservative] aspect of his era.
20. Musical innovations in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries strongly affected the previously [conservative] category of sacred music.
21. Her parents are quite [conservative] so I don't think they'll be happy when they find out she is going to get an apartment with her boyfriend.
22. My grandparents are very [conservative] and don't believe that women should have a job after they get married.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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